In The Future

This drawing of mine is actually only a sketch, I’m planning on recreating it on a canvas. This is the first drawing I actually prepared and picked a topic before starting it. I shall brief you on the context: I have 4 friends – more like brothers – that I met while I traveled and lived in Lebanon. We all have one common goal, to protect and help each other though anything and everything. This is why I am making this drawing, it’s not only a drawing but it symbolizes and puts these thoughts and feelings into visual perspective and provides a sense of concreteness to represent our unbreakable bond to which we hold so dearly too.

Photo credit: Sean Rizkallah,
Photo credit: Sean Rizkallah, oct. 10 2016

The Reason

This drawing is probably my favorite out of all the drawings I’ve made till now. I was 18 when I first started on this and it took me approximately 2 months to complete. Don’t ask me where my head was at the time I do no recall exactly but by seeing this it reminds me exactly of what, and whom I was thinking about while drawing this once again I did not plan on making a specific type of frame but just letting my head and hands go with the flow while I enjoy the memories that fill them. My drawings may seem unprofessional because they are on lined paper, but I would just draw whenever it came time to, which was usually when I was in class, the reason for this is because we spend more time at school then anywhere else in this lifetime.

Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 216
Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 2016


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

It is shown here my first ever drawing made purely through the thoughts I had back when I was about 17. I did not think of any specific topic I just let my hand and mind go where ever it did and ended with something as such. It took me approximately 1 months to finish this, the reason being, I have to be inspired or in the mood of making such a drawing. It’s abstract for one main reason, abstract is probably my favorite way of drawing it has no limits to both creativity and understanding. This style of mine is both weird and different, not many may understand their true meaning but as stated earlier their are no limits to what you see and feel from them…

Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, 25 Oct 2016
Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, 25 Oct 2016