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In our everyday life we experience many obstacles that we ether can or cant conker, when we cant conker them then we turn to innovation and technology to help us move forward. In the hotel industry we have many flaws In our system in this day and age. One of the main areas that need improvement in the hotel industry is the check-in/ check-out and the concierge services provided by the hotels. I have innovated a mobile application that has made the process of building a  personalized itinerary for your stay at the resort/ hotel and also to make the registration and departing process much simpler and more user friendly.  

A quick overview of the application will discuss the general functionalities of the software/ application , targeted audience , and why will this application revolutionize the industry.

  • General functionalities of the software/ application 
  • The application will make the process of checking in and out a simple as connecting to the hotel wifi system with only a click of a button.
  • It will let you build and customize you very own itinerary for you stay at the hotel. You will also  be able to select what type of itinerary you will be following during your visit.


For instance, you will have the option to select if you will be staying for business or leisure and depending on the option you select the application will give recommendation of activities, restaurants and areas of the hotel/resort  were your activities will be most suited for. The hotel/resort will also provide you with a list of services that will accommodate your needs while staying at the hotel. For example: car services, most popular touristic attractions, including restaurants and their prices, menu options, serving tables. As well the application will allow you to reserve conference rooms, and banquet rooms online with availability times and dates for reservations. You will also be able to request a custom menu in order to impress your guests, their will be a specific verity of dishes, you will have to make a request while booking for your room. All these processes will be available in the comfort of your own home except for the checking-in and check-out section.

All in all this is a concept that may change the way you interact with the hotel system. You get to have the full experience that hotels have to offer. No more waiting in line or interacting with people who dont know what their doing. Hindering you from an exceptional experience. Join us on this incredible adventure. 


Are Robots The Way To The Future ?

The Sheraton Hotel

Revolutionary Robots 


The hotel industry is constantly trying to find new ways to simplifie both the guest experience and help the employees focus more on the clients. Their are only a few hotels in the world who uses robots to assist the employees and clients. The Sheraton has implemented the future within their establishment. Robots are now doing the the job tasks that dont allow you to interact with the clients therefore the employee can assist you at all times. Aethon provides the system to the hotel in order to simplify the job loads on the employees. Every aspect of the hotel structure is connected to each other and to the robots.

The second you enter the Sheraton hotel you are welcomed by a robot who will guide you to wherever you may wish to go in the hotel. All you have to do is put in the destination. The robots them selves have sensors at the front in order to stop if needed. The robot also has the power to wirelessly open the door of the hotel with ease. When it comes to taking your bags up to you your room, a specialized robot take your bag towards your room while the bell hop has more time to accommodate the questions that the guest may have and also give less physical work and more time to focus on customer service and delighting the customer.

Their are robots for every task you would need. For instance you would like to order room service and eat within the confort of your own hotel room. Well this can be possible with them as well. The room service robot has 5 racks that can store food for different rooms in one single machine. It arrives to your door and all you have to do is take out the one you ordered. If you have garbage in the room it will also take it and bring it back downstairs to be cleaned and taken care of my the dishwashers.

Finally their are specific charging port sections in the hotel in order to re-energies the robots for their next tasks, constantly keeping a rotational system just like humans with different shifts. They automatically assigne themselves to aport once they reach a certain batterie percentage. This allows the robots to work independently without human supervision.

All in all this new innovative technology Is well deserved in the hotel industry the possibilities are limitless. This product will allow the hotel internal mechanics and outer customer service to change the way we look at traveling as well as how smoothly the team will be running. Sheraton have exceeded expectations and now have a ridiculous competitive advantage in comparison to the other hotels. Many may not like the change for personal reasons but I do. The perfect example on how to put technology within our industry with maximum efficiency. 

Technology In The Hotel Industry

In our society technology has drastically evolved in the last decade. It incorporated its self in our lives to a point where the smallest action we do creates a sense of dependance. We rely on technology to insure us that the actions we are doing are efficient, easy to understand, and organized, think about it in the sense of autocorrect on your phone.

In the hotel industry we used to rely on paper and filing to manipulate and organize data that is essential to our business for instance; our finances, employee records, goods/needs, payroll etc. In our current technological state we are experiencing a drastic change in our methodology in organizing data.

We as humans are constantly innovating and creating new products to facilitate our living conditions. Currently their is a system that can help, and its called “Snapshot” this system can be beneficial in some ways but may hinder your capabilities in others.

Snapshot consists of four main categories which are; independent hotels, hotel groups, developers, and partners. Each section is focused on one main aspect within the industry.

Snapshot provides you with instant and easy access to all statistics revolving around your establishment. This system allows you to clearly see the hotels progress in seconds for instance; tracking revenue, pic-ups, website traffic, rate variation in your competitors set etc. This simplifies a owners life as well as involving the managers within the hotels mission/vision. This platform also allows you to keep track of all your social media advertising providing maximum efficiency while minimizing cost. Snapshot can also be accessible through your phone providing you with alerts for when your pickup, occupancy, RevPAR and other datas change or reaches a certain threshold.

Using the same layout Snapshot developed multiple categories in order to suit the establishments standards. As seen in the previous paragraph independent hotels is one of many categories that Snapshot has engineered to simplify the work load in the industry. This same software can be used for hotel groups/chains that have multiple locations around the world and lets you have easier access to information abroad instead of requesting documentation by more primitive methods. The developer section is meant for computer engineer to use Snapshots data base, web services, and source codes to create a custom user interface to facilitate the developers needs. While in the parter section of the program, they provide you with expert information to benefit  marketing strategies, on demand support, and gives you access to multiple API, from around the world.

A disadvantage to this software is that all your information will be public and accessible to all users on that platform. Depending on the workload of your establishment you may ether benefit from this program or it can be a disadvantage to your establishment.

It it up to the management of your establishment to make the proper decisions in order to accommodate the need, and wants of your company. Ponder upon how much technology has evolved and revolutionized the industry. What what will be the next step?


source: https://www.snapshot.travel

In The Future

This drawing of mine is actually only a sketch, I’m planning on recreating it on a canvas. This is the first drawing I actually prepared and picked a topic before starting it. I shall brief you on the context: I have 4 friends – more like brothers – that I met while I traveled and lived in Lebanon. We all have one common goal, to protect and help each other though anything and everything. This is why I am making this drawing, it’s not only a drawing but it symbolizes and puts these thoughts and feelings into visual perspective and provides a sense of concreteness to represent our unbreakable bond to which we hold so dearly too.

Photo credit: Sean Rizkallah,
Photo credit: Sean Rizkallah, oct. 10 2016

The Reason

This drawing is probably my favorite out of all the drawings I’ve made till now. I was 18 when I first started on this and it took me approximately 2 months to complete. Don’t ask me where my head was at the time I do no recall exactly but by seeing this it reminds me exactly of what, and whom I was thinking about while drawing this once again I did not plan on making a specific type of frame but just letting my head and hands go with the flow while I enjoy the memories that fill them. My drawings may seem unprofessional because they are on lined paper, but I would just draw whenever it came time to, which was usually when I was in class, the reason for this is because we spend more time at school then anywhere else in this lifetime.

Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 216
Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 2016


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

It is shown here my first ever drawing made purely through the thoughts I had back when I was about 17. I did not think of any specific topic I just let my hand and mind go where ever it did and ended with something as such. It took me approximately 1 months to finish this, the reason being, I have to be inspired or in the mood of making such a drawing. It’s abstract for one main reason, abstract is probably my favorite way of drawing it has no limits to both creativity and understanding. This style of mine is both weird and different, not many may understand their true meaning but as stated earlier their are no limits to what you see and feel from them…

Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, 25 Oct 2016
Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, 25 Oct 2016