The Reason

This drawing is probably my favorite out of all the drawings I’ve made till now. I was 18 when I first started on this and it took me approximately 2 months to complete. Don’t ask me where my head was at the time I do no recall exactly but by seeing this it reminds me exactly of what, and whom I was thinking about while drawing this once again I did not plan on making a specific type of frame but just letting my head and hands go with the flow while I enjoy the memories that fill them. My drawings may seem unprofessional because they are on lined paper, but I would just draw whenever it came time to, which was usually when I was in class, the reason for this is because we spend more time at school then anywhere else in this lifetime.

Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 216
Photo credit : Sean Rizkallah, Oct 5 2016